Dark To Light: Basketball Players With Basket Balls

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We travel down the path of vaccine common sense with a few basketball players that have some mighty big…..balls. BASKETBALLS!! Where did your mind go?????

Also, we talk more about the Arizona audit and take a trip down memory lane to the Ron Paul debate days.

It is a super busy show today with lots in the show notes so make sure to check them out.


TownHall.com: Chuck Todd loses control of Virginia Gubernatorial Debate to heckling Libertarian Party candidate
NBA player Jonathan Isaac on why he isn’t getting a jab
CNBC.com: Unvaccinated Americans falsely say the need for booster shots proves COVID vaccines don’t work, Kaiser survey shows
CitizenFreePress.com: NBA star Bradley Beal – No, I’m not vaccinated
CitizenFreePress.com: Doctors with convictions won’t bend
CitizenFreePress.com: New York Governor preaches Liberal gospel at Branch Covidian Church
WashingtonPost.com: North Carolina hospital system Novant Health fires 175 unvaccinated employees
CitizenFreePress.com: Dr. Leana Wen is not pleased with the unvaccinated
CitizenFreePress.com: Update – Biden staged his booster shot with fake set
TheDeskOfDonaldTrump.com: ICYMI: Letter from Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright

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