Ep. 2558 – USSS Have Known Along, The Movement Is Far From Over, Castle Rock

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The [CB]/[JB] economy that they tried to bump up with stimulus, child credits is now failing. This tactic will only last for a short period of time and now the people can see that [JB] plan was not a plan. The economy is doing exactly what Trump said it was going to do, implode. The [DS] is now preparing for the AZ forensic audit fall out. The patriots have prepared for this moment and the [DS] is now falling right into the trap. Those woke Generals that are being paraded around on TV have no idea what is happening. Trump lets everyone know that the movement is far from over, that the fight has just begun. Devolution is about to go down, the clock is ticking and everything is in place, Operation Castle Rock ready to go. The military caught it all, the trap is ready to be sprung.

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