Andrew Cuomo’s Utterly Shameless Exit

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People walk by as a farewell speech by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is broadcast live on a screen in Times Square in New York City, August 23, 2021. (Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

The now-former New York governor’s farewell speech put the blame for his fall everywhere but where it belongs.


hat was some farewell speech by Andrew Cuomo yesterday. Even to dedicated Cuomotextuals, the thing was a masterpiece of effrontery, arrogance, and Escher-style self-negating twists. The obfuscation! The blame-shifting! The conspiracy-theorizing! The denial! The sheer, sordid cheek of the thing! It was a positively Frankenian farewell.

In his 1998 confession, Bill Clinton complained, after lying for seven months about Monica Lewinsky, that the investigation into his lying had gone on too long (and cost too much money, which turned out to be equivalent to one copy of one tabloid newspaper per American —was there ever a federal outlay that was better

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