ANOTHER SETUP: On Jan 6 the Secret Service Offered to Escort Roger Stone to the Front of the Capitol March and Into the Capitol – Stone Smartly Declined

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Roger Stone was on with Alex Jones yesterday and he told the story of how the Secret Service reached out to him on Jan 6 and offered to excort him to the front of the march and into the Capitol.  Stone smartly declined.

Roger Stone was saved by an angel.

At the 18:15 mark in the video below with Alex Jones, Roger Stone shares:

Roger Stone: You’ve just hit a very good point, and that is when the latest narrative on January 6th, which is the great recycle.  One outlet said that the Feds are now focused on the fact that I was the mastermind – categorically false.  Wasn’t there, didn’t know anything about it in advance, didn’t have any involvement whatsoever.

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But I did reveal, and I was excoriated for it, that when I was in my hotel room at the Willard, shortly after the President’s speech, there was a call from the secret service, offering to escort me to the head of the march and up to the Capitol which I declined.  By the way two pastors, two reverand protestant ministers and a police officer overheard all of that.  Those are called witnesses.  So for those who say, oh that’s made up, no it’s not made up.  It’s a fact.  It’s not a conspiracy.

Alex Jones:  And you were smart, you left early, you got out of there.  You told me, ‘this is a cluster ‘.  These people are idiots.  I said, ‘come on Roger’.  I mean I really twisted your arm.  I mean I just thought that, I can’t believe how surrounded Trump was with traitors.

Roger Stone’s lovely wife has cancer.  Please help support the Stone Family by giving at the

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