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In response to Noem’s Argument for Vetoing South Dakota’s Pro-Woman Bill Makes No Sense

Adding to David Harsanyi’s post:

Governor Kristi Noem’s defense of her veto has a peculiar structure. We hear about how she shares the bill’s aims but just wants a legally bulletproof way of realizing them, how she’s a great fighter and a solid conservative, etc. Then there’s this: “In the meantime, I will continue my efforts to build a coalition of athletes, governors, attorneys general, and other leaders to take on the NCAA. You can join our efforts at Once our coalition is large enough, there is no way that the NCAA can possibly punish us all. And then, we can flip the economic pressure around on them.”

Wait, what was that about economic pressure? We hadn’t heard anything about economic pressure or the NCAA before that. What does that have to do with the supposed legal weaknesses of the bill? She should have stuck to one story, instead of giving the impression that she believes, after all, that she is too weak on her own to stand up to the pressure.


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