Are The Vaccinated Actually The True Super Spreaders?

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Now that we have eight months of data showing that the Covid vaccines are an epic failure (they are neither effective nor safe), a new hypothesis is emerging among many doctors and research scientists. It is namely this: it is the vaccinated that are driving the new wave of the epidemic.

This theory is explored in detail in this Conservative Review podcast. Currently it is only a hypothesis; however, the Doctor makes a strong case and it’s well worth a listen:

Are the Vaccinated Actually the True Super Spreaders? | Guest: Dr. Lynn
Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz

Nothing makes sense. “The Delta variant” canard doesn’t explain how the virus is now much worse than ever before when nearly every adult is vaccinated in a lot of areas getting hit hard. Today, we are joined by Dr. Lynn (pseudonym), associate medical director of America’s Frontline Doctors, who discusses her theory that the vaccine itself is making the virus spread more prolifically and also how those who got the shots can spread the toxic spike protein. Given that she was an infectious disease doctor in her prior job, we cover everything from epidemiology to vaccine side effects and transmission, remdesevir, and proper treatment. Plan to take notes!

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