Arizona Audit Floor CLEARED Of Pallets – Ballots And Machines In Storage For Remainder of Evaluation

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On Thursday, all ballots and machines were finally moved out of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and into a secure onsite storage room.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this earlier on Thursday as they were moving out.

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We are still hoping for a statement by the end 0f this week detailing the certified total number of ballots vs. the real total number of ballots. This is expected to be a groundbreaking development.

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Once all ballots and machines were secured in storage with a live feed, Audit officials allowed The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson onto the counting floor for a final look as they were leaving.

The live feed is available at

The volunteer observers in orange shirts had all gone to the storage location to provide oversight and additional ballot security.

Workers were still moving some materials including fencing and chairs out of the coliseum but as you can see, the coliseum is nearly empty.

Ken Bennett told Conradson that media would have access to the ballots and machines as soon as the necessary ballot security measures are in place. 

As the County panics over the compromised voting machines that they used, the proof is in the ballot totals. We should know soon how much fraud occurred last November through the official ballot tally.

No Ballots, No Victory.

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