Beautiful! General Michael Flynn Greets Disabled World War II Veteran — Gives Him Big Hug, Takes Time to Meet His Wife (VIDEO)

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What a beautiful moment!
With some people in life you can just feel their goodness. General Mike Flynn is one of them.

Despite being targeted by Obama and the corrupt FBI and DOJ for years who tried to bankrupt him and destroy him, General Flynn is not a bitter man.

At a recent grassroots GOP gathering General Mike Flynn was introduced to a World War II veteran who had lost an arm.

General Flynn immediately gave the man a big hug and thanked him for serving his country.

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Then General Flynn went over to meet the man’s wife.

And Mike Flynn spent time talking with them both.

Despite his great sufferings and sacrifice, General Michael Flynn is not a bitter man.
General Flynn is a better man.

Here is the video.

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