Biden: Getting Sanders and Manchin in a Room Together to Discuss Spending Bill Would Almost Be ‘Like Homicide’

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Joe Biden reportedly joked this week that getting Sen. Joe Manchin in a room with Sen. Bernie Sanders would be almost “like homicide.”

The comment was made during a virtual meeting with House Democrats earlier this week after Rep. Ro Khanna suggested getting the two politician together, according to a report from CNN.

From CNN:

But Biden, according to multiple sources in the virtual meeting, told the progressive House Democrats that he’s been in politics a long time — and getting them together in the same room would almost be like “homicide.” The group laughed, as Biden then made a joke about getting into the boxing ring with Khanna himself.

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Sanders has been outspoken with his attacks on Manchin over the spending bill. Speaking to CNN recently, the Vermont politicians said, “I can’t speak for Mr. Manchin. I’m not a psychologist.”

When asked about sitting down with the moderates on Friday, Sanders said “this is not a movie” according to Politico’s Caitlin Emma.

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