Biden Sinks Underwater in Polls for First Time

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As post-Taliban-takeover surveys start to come in, the RealClearPolitics average of polls has President Biden’s approval rating at 47.8. Disapproval is at 48.6. This is the first time he has been underwater in his presidency, and as the catastrophe sinks in, those numbers are bound to get worse for him.


How would you like to be a Democrat in a place like, say, Georgia, and be tied to Biden’s agenda? Biden is at 39 percent approval in Georgia. If I were a vulnerable Democrat, I’d be backing away rather quickly from all things Biden.


House Democrats Pass Bill to Pay for Abortions around the Globe with U.S. Tax Dollars

If Democrats push forward with that proposal, it could ultimately fall to West Virginia Democratic senator Joe Manchin to determine its passage.

The Biden Illusion Crumbles to Dust

President Joe Biden addressed the nation and confirmed all of the worst suspicions of his critics.

The Biden Blowout Is Just Beginning

These days, a trillion-dollar spending bill is a trifle barely worth arguing over and the stuff of bipartisan consensus.

Joe Manchin Just Blew Up Rationale for Republicans to Cut an Infrastructure Deal

Manchin has made clear that any Republican that votes for the bipartisan charade is greasing the wheels for Democrats to ram through their entire agenda.

When You Understand What Happened to Simone Biles, It Makes Sense

There are things you can play through, and things you shouldn’t.

A Misleading Narrative about the Unvaccinated

You don’t have to look far on social media to find people contending that the remaining unvaccinated are overwhelmingly Republicans.

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University of Virginia Disenrolls 238 Unvaccinated Students

The students now have until August 25 to receive a COVID vaccine and re-enroll for fall classes, a university spokesman said.

U.S. Embassy Tells Americans to Avoid Kabul Airport over ‘Potential Security Threats’

The alert came one day after President Biden claimed he had not received any reports of American citizens being unable to enter the airport.

Judge Finds California Gig-Worker Law Unconstitutional in Blow to Uber, Lyft

The measure, known as Proposition 22, allowed the companies to classify their gig workers as independent contractors and deny them full-time benefits.

Pompeo Slams Biden State Department for Dissolving Crisis Response Bureau as Taliban Advanced

‘The Biden administration made the determination that they’re going to just throw it all away,’ Pompeo said.

The Forever War Isn’t Over

The Afghan debacle just marks a new, more murderous phase.

America Has Been in Denial about the Taliban from the Start

For 20 years, some of us have been countering that you can’t defeat the enemy without understanding that they are the enemy, and what they believe.

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