Biden Takes Questions from List, But As He Turns to Leave He is Asked the Most Damning Question of All

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President Joe Biden finally took questions this week from the semi-open press at his White House press conference on Friday, before turning to head back to Delaware for the 18th time under his presidency.

After the president finally showed up nearly 50 minutes late for his presser and delivered remarks, he rattled off friendly reporter names one by one at the presser, which didn’t stop Biden from getting grilled in many ways on his Afghan withdrawal disaster.

Biden was peppered with questions ranging from doubting his risk assessment that terrorists won’t return to Afghanistan, why the Biden administration doesn’t know how many Americans need to be evacuated, and how he can be sure that Americans who are trying desperately to make it to Kabul International Airport will be safe.

But it was actually a question asked while Biden was turning to depart the press conference that was really damning. Watch:


“Why do you continue to trust the Taliban, Mr. President?” a reporter asked. “Why do you continue to trust–”

It was one of many questions the White House press corps had for the president that would not be addressed. President Biden departed with Secretary of State Tony Blinken and Vice President Kamala Harris for a long weekend.

President Biden’s approach to his press conferences is much the same way he handled the end of the War in Afghanistan: It was a disaster from start to finish, culminating in Biden turning tail and running.

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