Biden’s Shameful Betrayal of America’s Closest Allies in Afghanistan

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Crowds of people show their documents to U.S. troops outside the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, August 26, 2021. (Stringer/Reuters)

Reports indicate that the overwhelming majority of Afghan interpreters and their families were left behind Taliban lines.


resident Biden withdrew all U.S. forces from Afghanistan on August 30 despite the fact that at least 100 to 200 U.S. citizens remained stuck in the Taliban-controlled territory.

Thousands more legal permanent U.S. residents were left behind.

As for the Afghans who were America’s closest allies in the war — and thus face the greatest risk of being slaughtered by the Taliban? It’s hard to pin down an exact figure, but the New York Times estimates that the United States left behind “at least 100,000 Afghans eligible for resettlement in the United States for their work with the Americans.”

A State Department official …

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