BIDENVILLE SLUM: Illegal Aliens Now Bathing in River, Washing Clothes as Numbers Swell to 14,000 from 4,000 on Wednesday (VIDEO)

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The Bidenville slum swelled from 4,000 individuals to over 14,000 since Wednesday.
Most of the illegals are from Haiti where the COVID-19 vaccine rate is around 1%.

The illegals are now bathing and washing their clothes in the river.

Bianca Gracia, leader of Latinos for Trump, atold The War Room on Saturday that US Border Patrol agents are being told to move their families as the “Bidenville” illegal alien camp continues to swell. According to the agents, when the camp exceeds 18,000 it will be too dangerous in the area for their families.

Joe Biden is now importing third world slums into southern Texas.

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This report from the border by Bill Melugin is pure insanity.

Democrats are not even hiding their absolute hatred of America today.

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