BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Cyber Ninjas Did Not Contaminate Voting Machines Used in 2020 Election in Arizona – Machines Weren’t Properly Certified In the First Place

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Arizona’s Secretary of State and Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors are caught spinning garbage again.

Arizona’s Secretary of State and the Board of Supervisors were wrong when they claimed the voting machines were no longer usable after Senate audit firm, Cyber Ninjas, performed their audit of the County. The machines they claimed were no longer usable because they were inspected by Cyber Ninjas, which is not certified by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC).

In May the Arizona Secretary of State and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors claimed the voting machines audited in the county were not longer usable since the machines were touched and supposedly taken apart by the audit firm selected by the Senate, Cyber Ninjas. This was because Cyber Ninjas are not certified by the EAC.

Arizona‘s secretary of state informed Maricopa County officials Thursday that hundreds of the state’s vote-tabulating machines should no longer be used because of their handling by the inept, partisan company hired by Senate Republicans to recount ballots cast in November’s presidential election.

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The machines should not be used again because there is no way of knowing whether they were tampered with while out of the county’s custody and under the control of Senate Republicans and the controversial Cyber Ninjas company conducting the recount, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security told Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, she said in a letter to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

New machines reportedly could cost the state millions of dollars.

The problem with claiming machines were no longer usable after being audited by Cyber Ninjas, the firm running the Senate’s audit in the County, is that the machines were not properly certified in the first place.

We reported in January that the auditors the state and County claimed were certified for performing audits by the EAC, were actually not certified at the time the two companies were selected by the County to perform their bogus audits earlier this year.

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We reported about one firm, Pro V&V:

We know that Pro V&V has only three company contacts and has been in business since 2011. The President of Pro V&B is Jack Cobb. Cobb has been called in to perform audits for Dominion in the past. He performed one audit in the Philippines in 2019, but he referred to himself as the ‘Laboratory Director’ during this engagement. Pro V&V once had a certificate of accreditation from the USEAC but it expired in 2017. (No recent accreditation was noted on its website.)

It turns out that the same firm, Pro V&V, which was not certified at the time it was selected to perform its bogus audit of a couple of machines for the state was also used by the state in 2019 to certify the voting machines were ready to be used in an audit. The state notes this by linking to the EAC website:

Note that Pro V&V certified the voting machines in Arizona in September 2019. The problem is that Pro V&V was not certified itself in September 2019. Pro V&V’s certification with the EAC expired in 2017.

So Secretary of State Hobbs and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors’ accusations that the voting machines in Maricopa County were tainted after being inspected by Cyber Ninjas is patently false. The machines weren’t certified for the 2020 Election in the first place because Pro V&V was not certified in 2019.

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