Chris Cuomo Reportedly Spotted Dancing with His Buddies at ‘The Clubhouse’ in July

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Chris Cuomo laying low during his break from CNN.

A few weeks ago, Chris Cuomo announced he would be going on a holiday. This came as news of his brother’s issues with women led to his eventual resignation as Governor of New York.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Going On “Long-Planned Vacation” Amid Scandal

Now a video has surfaced of Chris Cuomo dancing like no one is watching at a nightclub in July. The incident reportedly took place on July 25, 2021 at the Clubhouse.

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Chris Cuomo was captured dancing by himself and some buddies on a night out reportedly in July. Cuomo’s wife is not identified in the picture. John Summit is identified in the video.

Looks like Chris has his brother’s moves.

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