CNN’s April Ryan Grandstands, Takes Over WH Briefing and Demands Mass Immigration For Haitians, Africans (VIDEO)

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April Ryan, the White House Correspondent for The Grio and CNN political analyst, took up more than 6 minutes of Wednesday’s briefing and demanded mass immigration for black Haitians and Africans.

Ms. Ryan spoke on behalf of Black advocacy groups and demanded to know if the Haitians camped out at Del Rio are being given asylum.

April Ryan also falsely claimed Border Patrol agents on horseback were “whipping” black Haitians “with the intent to lash” and “hurt people to keep them away from the border.”

Psaki shamelessly continued to spread falsehoods about border agents “whipping” the Haitian migrants who illegally crossed the border into Texas.

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The agents used horse reins to steer the horses and keep the migrants from getting stomped – no one got “whipped.”

April Ryan continued to grandstand and kept asking why some of the Haitians were expelled under Title 42.

Haiti comes before US immigration laws for April Ryan.

Psaki finally cut April Ryan off as she demanded unfettered immigration from Africa.


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