“Corman’s Got No Place to Hide!” – STEVE BANNON GOES OFF After PA GOP Senate Leader Jake Corman Blocks Subpoenas for Forensic Audit (VIDEO)

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As reported earlier, Pennsylvania Republican Senate leader Jake Corman has squashed Doug Mastriano’s quest for an audit of the PA 2020 election results.

Senator Mastriano put up a video on his Facebook page blaming the “powers that be” for keeping his committee from meeting and issuing subpoenas.
The video was subsequently taken down.

On Friday Senator Doug Mastriano joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the GOP leader’s efforts to block the forensic audit in Pennsylvania.

According to Senator Mastriano GOP Senate Leader Jake Corman will not allow him to book at room in Harrisburg for his committee to meet to vote on subpoenas to launch a forensic audit.
This is unconscionable!

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War Room host Steve Bannon absolutely went off today on this news!

Steve Bannon: Pennsylvania is a red state. A bright red state. The only reason we don’t control everything is they’ve allowed Philadelphia and other places to be stolen year after year. And you know why? Because they didn’t have people like Doug Mastriano who served for 40 years to stick up for it. You got too many worms. You got too many politicians who want to get along… We need a reckoning. This thing is spinning out of control because they were not held accountable. Corman’s got no place to hide. Ward has no place to hide. You’re not going to be able to hide.

Steve was at his best this morning.

** You can contact Jake Corman’s office at (717) 787-1377

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