Creepy Andrew Weissmann – Still Behind the Scenes Trying to Harass and Indict President Trump on Some New BS Charges

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Attorney Andrew Weissmann should never have been allowed inside a court representing the US Department of Justice.  He is the poster child of prosecutorial abuse.  He just won’t stop.

Andrew Weissmann is a bitter man who wants to win more than he wants justice.  He was behind the Enron investigations and indictments in the early 2000s and he was the brunt of Sidney Powell’s book “License to Lie”.   She discussed Mueller and Weissman’s work on a segment with Mark Levin:

Of course Weissmann, by his actions, has shown that he believes he is above the law:

NEW: DOJ Records Show Weissmann, Other Mueller Henchmen Claimed to Have “Accidentally Wiped” at Least 31 Phones Used in Russia Probe

But laws are only for others to obey, not DOJ prosecutors with vendettas.    After failing in the coup attempt to remove the President of the United States from office, Weissmann moved on to New York where it is believed that he is still working on efforts to harass President Trump and his family and associates:

Weissmann Lashes Out at Trump Over Manafort, Stone Pardons – Cooks Up New Plot to Prosecute Them for Perjury and Obstruction

Weissmann recently went on record with the New York magazine and showed he’s still working on indicting the President.  Someone needs to tell this guy, he’s no longer with the DOJ:

The key to making a criminal case against former President Donald Trump is getting his company’s chief financial officer to flip, according to a top prosecutor in Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.

There are multiple investigations looking into the 45th president, but Andrew Weissmann, a former Justice Department official and FBI general counsel, sees the most promise in the one being run by District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., who is looking for possible bank, tax, or insurance fraud.

Weissmann told New York magazine that securing the cooperation of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg will be essential to the prospect of prosecution because of his inside involvement in Trump’s business affairs.

Actions and statements like these are why most Americans have no faith in the Justice Department running this country.  They continue to harass innocent Americans and let vagrant crimes (like 2020 election crimes) slide by without a blink. 


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