Critical Race Theory Is Just a Distraction from Learning

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In this Newsweek article, Robert Woodson and Ian Rowe argue that critical race theory (CRT) has no place in our schools because it distracts attention from learning the skills that make an individual successful.

They write, “Our biggest problem today isn’t the achievement gap between Black and white students; it’s the distance between current illiteracy rates among all students and true academic excellence.”



They’re right. Our government-run schools do a lousy job for many students, regardless of race. Adding in CRT propaganda won’t help students at all. It will make some of them angry at being called part of the class of oppressors and it will make others even less inclined to study than ever because they’re told that the country is hopelessly racist, making it impossible for them as individuals to advance.

Woodson and Rowe point out that a century ago, when actual racists such as Woodrow Wilson were in charge, many blacks did well in school and used their learning to climb the economic ladder.

Ah, but do today’s “progressives” want that? Well-educated, successful people are much less likely to fall for the statist nostrums they peddle.


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