DC Tent City Smells Like Crap – Toilet Servicer Won’t Empty Porta Potties because Dem Officials Haven’t Paid Him

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Ahh, the smell of Democrat leadership in the morning!
The Washington DC tent city smells like crap these days and there’s a reason for that.

Democrat city officials are not paying the servicer of the porta potties so he quit emptying the toilets.

The city hasn’t paid for the services in 4 to 5 months.
Everything is a freebie to these people!

WJLA reported:

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“Some of ’em, you open it up, and, aw, nah, you ain’t going in there,” says Vernon Russell.

Russell is one of the hundreds of tent dwellers in D.C., and he spoke to 7News Monday about some of the portable toilets available on the street.

The main provider of toilets to D.C.’s tent cities announced that, as of Tuesday of last week, he stopped servicing about 40 of the 60 tent city toilets because D.C. Public Works and the D.C. Office of Contract and Procurement are between four and five months behind in paying their bills.

“It’s so bad right now I had to lay off three of the workers that were assigned to these routes,” said Fred Hill, owner of Gotta Go Now portable toilet company.

The 60 toilets at tent city sites are paid for by three different city agencies. Hill says D.C. Homeland Security pays its bills so his company continues to service the 20 toilets it controls. That means vacuuming them out, replacing the fluids, and installing new paper products every day at a cost of $120 per week, per toilet.

He says he called repeatedly and sent emails to the non-paying agencies and neither has responded.

When we asked Mayor Muriel Bowser about the issue in her news conference Monday she said she would have to investigate, but “we pay what we owe.”

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