Developing: Military Brass at Kabul Airport Is Refusing to Let American Women and Children Inside Gate

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There are at least 250 Americans stranded inside Afghanistan as the Biden regime winds down operations in Kabul.
Several Americans are outside the Kabul Airport and cannot get in.

The last flight will leave the Kabul Airport tonight before midnight.

And now there are several reports of Americans trapped outside the airport who are not being let in — including women and children.

Already the reports coming from Kabul are horrific.

TRENDING: Report: Biden Regime Targets “ISIS-K” Terrorists in Kabul Missile Strike – Kills 3 to 6 Children Instead

Women and children are trapped outside the airport gate.

The Taliban is harassing Americans on their way to the airport today.
Who is going to stop them?

The State Department notified Americans in Afghanistan they have no exit assistance and are at the mercy of the Taliban.

This dangerous situation is about to get very bloody.

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