Feeble Joe Biden Will Not Be Throwing Out First Pitch on Opening Day for Washington Nationals

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Feeble Joe Biden will not be throwing out the first pitch at Opening Day at Nationals Park this week.

“I know the President’s eager to get out to Nationals’ stadium. Many beautiful days, many beautiful baseball games ahead this spring. It’s not on the President’s schedule this week but I certainly expect that baseball fans will be hearing from him in next couple of days,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during Tuesday’s briefing.

Psaki didn’t elaborate on why Biden won’t be throwing out the opening day pitch, but everyone knows why – he simply can’t.

Earlier Tuesday, the Nationals told WaPo that Joe Biden would not be throwing out the first pitch.

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Sitting presidents going back to Taft in 1910 have thrown out a first pitch on either Opening Day or a World Series.

President Trump declined the Nationals’ invitation to throw out the first pitch in 2017 due to a scheduling conflict.

In contrast, Joe Biden’s schedule on Thursday evening, when the Nationals opening game is scheduled to take place, is wide open.

The only publicly disclosed event on dementia Joe’s schedule for Thursday is lunch with Kamala Harris.

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