FLASHBACK: Demon Joe Biden Broke into US Capitol and Was Arrested — Now He Holds Hundreds of Trump Supporters in Isolation in Prison Without Trial for Very Same Crime (VIDEO)

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The Biden administration arrested 5 members of the same family this week for walking inside the US Capitol on Jan. 6.

There have been 532 Americans arrested for trespassing inside the US Capitol on January 6.

The list includes Americans who did not even enter the US Capitol.

It also includes Americans who were waved into the building by Capitol police.

Dozens of these Trump supporters are being held in Washington DC in isolation six months after the Jan. 6 protests without trial.

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This is complete totalitarianism.
And because Democrats control the airwaves this horrific story gets no press.

But not everyone gets this same treatment.

Joe Biden told David Letterman that he broke into the US Capitol and was arrested by police.
They let him go.

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