For Gateway Pundit Readers: A New Partnership With Pistol Pete’s Jerky

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We’ve been searching for new ways to bypass Big Tech and bring you great American-made products.

Here’s a new one to try: Pistol Pete’s Jerky.

For a limited time, buy one package and get one free by using this link (Gateway Pundit will benefit from your purchase).

You can also get that special deal by using promo code TGP at purchase.

Pistol Pete’s is run by patriot Pete Santilli, who sat down with Gateway Pundit Founder & Editor Jim Hoft to discuss how election audits can save America.

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If you haven’t seen the interview, watch here:

You can support Gateway Pundit through the partnership with Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky. 

Try out Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky and when you buy a package, you’ll get one free by using a promo code that benefits Gateway Pundit: TGP.

Click here to take advantage before the offer disappears: 

Plus, Pistol Pete’s Jerky is on a mission to deliver 1 million pocket U.S. Constitutions to Americans.

For every order of Pistol Pete’s Jerky, they will ship 2 free U.S. Constitutions.

Click here to get the special deal for Gateway Pundit readers at Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky.

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