Generals McKenzie, Milley Contradict Joe Biden’s Claim No One Warned Against His Afghanistan Withdrawal Timeline (VIDEO)

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General McKenzie

Commander of U.S. Central Command Gen. Kenneth McKenzie and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley on Tuesday testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Both McKenzie and Milley confirmed, under oath, that they recommended against Joe Biden’s withdrawal timeline and warned of impending collapse of the Afghan government.

Their statements contradict Joe Biden’s previous claims that no one told him at least 2,500 troops should stay in Afghanistan.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and McKenzie also said Joe Biden waited TEN DAYS after Kabul fell to ask for an assessment on the August 31st withdrawal deadline.

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According to The Wall Street Journal, top generals told Biden to keep 2,500 troops on the ground while they evacuated Americans and Afghan allies.

Biden didn’t listen to his military advisors and Bagram Air Base was closed in early July.

Last month Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos asked Joe Biden about bucking top military brass and withdrawing troops against their recommendation.

“But your top military advisors warned against withdrawing on this timeline. They wanted you to keep about 2,500 troops-” Stephanopoulos said.

“No they didn’t!” Biden said interrupting Stephanopoulos. “It was split. That wasn’t true. That wasn’t true.”

Stephanopoulos pressed Biden, “They didn’t tell you they wanted troops to stay?”

“No, no one said that to me that I can recall,” Biden said.


In Biden’s defense he can’t remember anything and doesn’t know where he is so there’s that.

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