Gun Battle Breaks Out in Kabul After Airport Comes Under Sniper Fire — One Afghan Soldier Dead

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A gunfight broke out last night outside the Kabul Airport that included US and German soldiers.

One Afghan soldier was killed after the airport came under sniper fire.

The US and NATO forces have until August 31 to evacuate the city.
The Taliban is calling the shots now.

This is a disaster of epic proportions.

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Israel National News reported:

American and German military forces engaged in a firefight with unidentified gunmen at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul Monday, the German military reported.

According to the military’s twitter posts, One Afghan guard was killed and three were wounded in the skirmish, which occurred at the airport’s northern gate.

CNN reported that a sniper fired at an Afghan guard from outside the airport. The guards returned fire, and the American and German forces became embroiled in the firefight.

Chaos has engulfed the airport since August 15, when the Taliban seized control of Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan. Twenty people have been killed in the scramble to get on board one of the flights leaving the Kabul airport, including seven who were killed in a crush yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that US military aircraft are performing dive bomb landings at the airport in response to an emerging threat from the Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan, while aircraft deploy flares upon takeoff to avoid being shot down by heat-seeking missiles.

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