Human Traffickers Toss 6-Month-Old Baby in Rio Grande During Border Patrol Pursuit – Boats Filled with 67 Adults and 150 Children

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South Texas Special Operations Group, a division of the Texas Rangers, rescued a 6-month-old baby that was tossed into the Rio Grande during a border patrol pursuit earlier this month.

The baby’s mother had been assaulted by smugglers in Mexico resulting in a broken leg on her way to the US.

This is Joe Biden’s America — a country with no borders.

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According to the Post Millennial the mother paid the human traffickers for her way to the US.

US Border Patrol rescued a 6-month-old baby from the Rio Grande River after human traffickers threw the baby into the water from their raft. This after having assaulted the little girl’s mother and broken her leg along the journey. The mother reportedly paid $3,500 to traffickers to get her and her baby across the border.

Along with the mother and baby, the rafts contained 67 adults and 150 children. It was during the crossing that the child was tossed overboard into the Rio Grande.

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