“I Don’t Trust Anybody Including You” – Weirdo Biden When Reporter Asks if He Trusts the Taliban (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden on Sunday delivered remarks on his Afghanistan debacle and tropical storm Henri.

78-year-old Joe Biden slurred his words, stuttered and then started preaching about COVID vaccines to tropical storm victims.

Biden took questions from a pre-approved list of reporters after struggling to read his teleprompter.

A reporter asked Joe Biden if he trusts the Taliban since he has decided to rely on the Taliban to allow for Americans to travel to Kabul airport.

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On Sunday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said allowing Americans to face down the Taliban on their way to Kabul airport is “the best way.”

“Do you trust the Taliban?” a reporter asked.

“I don’t trust anybody including you. I love you but there’s not a lot of people I trust,” said Biden.


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