In Cities Across the US, Like Everett, Washington – Free and Fair Elections Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

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The system is set up in states like Washington and cities like Everett where free and fair elections are a thing of the past.  Now the Democrats want to replicate this across the nation. 

We reported after the 2020 election that the results for governor in Washington state were suspect.  Democrat governor Inslee was not well-liked.  He handled COVID-19 horribly and he was disrespectful and abusive to President Trump.  His policies and governing led Boeing to relocate to South Carolina and cost the state thousands of great-paying jobs.  All indications were that the Republican was going to take the governorship but on Election Day, after not campaigning a lick in the state, Inslee was reelected.

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The problems are many.  First of all, Washington holds universal mail-in elections, meaning that all voters are sent mail ballots whether they request one or not.  In this system, it is obviously more difficult to ensure the voter mailed in their own ballot.  But there are more problems than this.

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If there is a recount, and enough money has been paid to perform the recount, there is only so much that can be done.  Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has an excellent video below where he describes the exact scenario that could happen in a location like Snohomish County, Washington, where Everett is located.  This city next to Seattle has some unique laws that prevent a valid recount if one were paid for.

In recounts, only the number of dots filled in on the ballots provided for review can be counted.  The ballots themselves are held behind glass and not made available for review.  Ballots could lack folds, which makes no sense because all ballots have to be stuffed into envelopes and mailed in.  Ballots could be made from different paper types or filled in by machines, but these items can’t be challenged.  The only thing a recount or audit can do is to look at a ballot and either count it or not.

In this scenario, described below, no observable or non-observable variances to standards can be reviewed and audited.  These types of fraud are off-limits for review.  This results in any audits or recounts being totally worthless.

The Democrats are now trying to make this the standard across the country.  HR1 is getting rid of paper ballots altogether.  The US will never have fair and free elections again under this new law.  These will be a thing of the past.

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