“Jobs Up, Wages Up, Unemployment Down” – Joe Biden Celebrates Abysmal September Jobs Report – Worst Report of the Year (VIDEO)

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The September jobs report came out Friday morning and it’s worse than August’s numbers.

Biden’s joke of an economy only added 194,000 jobs in September and the unemployment rate fell by 0.4%, the US Bureau Labor Statistics reported.

The ‘experts’ predicted 500,000 jobs would be added but they were wrong again.

Biden’s disastrous jobs report was so bad that it shocked the CNBC panel as the numbers rolled in during a live broadcast

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CNN said it’s the worst jobs report of the year.

Joe Biden however celebrated and said, “Jobs up, wages up, unemployment down,” during a presser from the White House on Friday. “That’s progress.”


Joe Biden turned his back on the press and shuffled away after reading from a teleprompter for 10 minutes.

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