Joe Biden Cracks Awkward Joke, Picks His Nose, Says He Was Vice President in 2020 During Oval Office Meeting with Indian Prime Minister (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden on Friday met with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Oval Office to discuss US-India relations.

Biden relied on notecards, mumbled throughout the meeting, cracked an awkward joke, picked his nose and said he was US Vice President in 2020.

At one point Joe Biden said he found out there were people with the surname “Biden” in India.

“That’s hard for an Irishman to admit,” Biden said before tying to downplay his racist joke. “I shouldn’t be so casual with you. I hope you understand the humor.”

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Biden also pulled his mask down to pick his nose before claiming he was Vice President in 2020.

Biden picks his nose

“In fact, back in 2006, I set that hope out where I said that by 2020, when I was Vice President – 2020, India and the Unites States would be moving closer…” said Biden.

Biden refused to answer questions from the press pool after the meeting with Modi.

What an embarrassment!


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