Kamala Harris Brags About “Successful Drawdown of the Embassy” in Afghanistan as Trapped Americans Face Potential Hostage Situation (VIDEO)

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Kamala Harris traveled to Southeast Asia to visit Singapore and Vietnam as thousands of Americans are stranded in Afghanistan in a potential hostage situation.

Both Biden and Harris hid from the public for several days as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Harris gave a joint press conference with Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday and bragged about the “successful drawdown of the embassy” in Afghanistan as thousands of Americans are trapped behind enemy lines.


TRENDING: BREAKING: Taliban Won’t Extend Aug. 31 Deadline for US Withdrawal – Threatens Biden Regime, “Complete the Evacuations by Aug. 31 or Face Consequences” (VIDEO)

It is a bloody and chaotic scene outside of the Kabul airport this weekend thanks to Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal.

On Saturday the Biden administration warned Americans trapped in Afghanistan of potential security threats and not to travel to the Kabul Airport.

Shortly after the US embassy sent out the warning to Americans, the Associated Press received word of a potential ISIS threat against Americans.

The Taliban on Monday announced they will not extend the August 31 deadline for US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The terrorists are calling the shots now.

Suhail Shaheen, Taliban’s spokesperson told Sky News there will be ‘consequences’ if the US delays their withdrawal from Afghanistan.

This is what Kamala Harris considers a “successful drawdown” and exit strategy.

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