Leftist Ideology Pervades Even in the ‘Reddest’ State Universities

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Higher education in America has been so thoroughly taken over by people intent on pushing their leftist beliefs that even in a state as conservative as Oklahoma, the universities are full of faculty and administrators who are intent on doing so.

In today’s Martin Center article, Jonathan Small of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs writes about the deplorable state of affairs at Oklahoma University.


Among the examples Small gives is a recent “workshop” for faculty members. He writes, “Take the faculty workshop dubbed ‘Anti-Racist Rhetoric and Pedagogies,’ where a workshop leader vowed to ‘call them out’ if students engage in forbidden speech. And what is forbidden speech in her classroom? She doesn’t say, but it is a fair guess that anything this professor dislikes could be banned. Instead of that faculty workshop, the university needs one to teach faculty members that under the Constitution, they cannot silence or threaten students based on the content of their speech.”

How did such a thing get approved? Evidently, those in control of the university don’t fear any repercussions from the politicians and taxpayers who actually pay for it.

Faculty members who dare to express non-leftist views may be purged. Small gives us the case of Brian McCall, “a well-respected professor in the OU College of Law. McCall is a devoted Christian who expressed his belief in traditional Catholic teachings about the family in off-campus writings. He never brought that subject up in class. Nevertheless, then-dean of the College of Law Joseph Harroz punished McCall for his beliefs, stripping him of two administrative posts. Harroz made it plain that unapproved points of view were not to be tolerated among tomorrow’s budding lawyers.”

Small calls upon the non-leftist politicians who are in control in the state to show some backbone, cutting appropriations and demanding transparency.


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