“Mercy Fires Heroes” – St. Louis Mercy Hospital Employees Hold Highway Protest Against Mandatory Vaccines (VIDEO)

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Hospital employees in the St. Louis area were notified this summer that they would be forced to take the COVID vaccine to continue their employment.

BJC workers were required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by Sept. 15 and at Mercy and SSM Health, employees will need to be vaccinated by the end of September. That means they have two more days to get vaccinated. Many employees are against the vaccine for several reasons.

On Tuesday Mercy employees held a highway protest near Mercy Hospital on the interstate. The protesters posted a massive “Mercy Fires Heroes” sign over Interstate 64 next to the hospital.

In the video, you can hear cars and trucks honking their support for the protesters as they drive by.

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Here is our exclusive video from today’s protest.

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