New Poll Finds Weakling Kevin McCarthy’s Favorability at Dangerous Levels AMONG REPUBLICANS (VIDEO)

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As the Marxists march for complete control over the American people Kevin McCarthy diddles.

After daily attacks on President Trump and his voters, Anti-Trumper Rep. Liz Cheney was finally ousted from her position as the third most powerful Republican in the US House of Representatives on May 12th.

It took GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy over SIX MONTHS since the election to remove this loudmouth Never-Trumper from her role in the House Republican Caucus.
That’s just weak.

Now a new poll finds that Kevin McCarthy’s weakness is catching up with him.

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Pollster Richard Baris released the results on The War Room on Thursday.

Via The War Room:

Pollster Richard Baris reveals a new poll that shows Americans “cannot stand” Kevin McCarthy.

Four in 10 Republicans now have a “very unfavorable” view of McCarthy, Baris told War Room, Thursday.

“It’s coming from independents, it’s coming from Republicans,” Baris said. “You cannot message as a party if the leaders are unliked this badly.

“Americans cannot stand them,” he said.

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