Newsmax Reporter Robinson On Number of Americans Evacuated from Afghanistan: “The Number Being Thrown Out Today is 4,000” — 10,000 to 20,000 Remaining? (VIDEO)

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According to the Biden regime, 21,000 civilians were evacuated from the Kabul Airport in the last 24 hours.

37 US military flights carrying 12,700 evacuees were airlifted from Kabul on Monday and 57 coalition flights carrying 8,900 civilians were evacuated from Afghanistan.

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There are also several private flights leaving from Afghanistan. According to the flight company, the Biden Regime has been nothing but an impediment to their work rescuing Americans in Kabul.

The White House said on Tuesday 58,700 civilians were evacuated from Afghanistan since the operation began.

Now this–

Emerald Robinson from Newsmax on Tuesday said only 4,000 Americans have been evacuated from Afghanistan.  That means there are likely over 10,000 Americans left in the country.  It also means that most of the civilians being evacuated are not American citizens.

The Biden Administration has been purposely vague on this number. Now we know why.

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