NOW WITH VIDEO: Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, Targeted By School Board Members for Opposing the Critical Race Theory

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Parents in Loudoun County are reportedly being targeted by school board members because they oppose the critical race theory.

We reported on this earlier.

Teachers Plot Against Parents Who Question Racial Curriculum

A parents group in Loudoun County Virginia that opposes the critical race theory is reportedly being targeted by school board members:

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A private parents education-reform group in Loudoun County, Virginia, says they’re being targeted for their opposition to racial equity education in schools.

The group, Loudoun Parents for Education, says parents, teachers and “six-out-of-nine” Loudoun County school board members are part of a closed Facebook group titled “anti-racist parents of Loudoun County,” which is doing the targeting. The group reportedly has over 600 members.

“There was a solicitation by one of the members of this group to target people that had opposed the school’s commitment to critical race theory concepts,” said Ian Prior, spokesperson for Loudoun Parents for Education.

Now there is video purportedly taken of a lesson in Loudoun County related to critical race theory:

This is the most racist thing ever coming out of our education system.  These people are sick and evil.   Americans are kind, loving, and gracious – not this.

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