NY Legislators Say They Will Extend Unemployment Benefits to Illegals and Criminals

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New York State Capitol in Albany (lavendertime/Getty Images)

Breathtaking misuse of taxpayer funds here: How about $27,300 relief checks going out to illegal aliens and convicted felons in New York State?

It’s only March 31, so this can’t be an April Fool’s prank. Discussions are apparently so advanced for this “Excluded Workers Fund” that in Albany, New York, where Republicans are a shell party and far-left Democrats rule, Politico reports that “talks between officials have progressed to the point that they are now focused on how the relief plan, called the Excluded Workers Fund, would work ‘programmatically,’ said Sen. Jessica Ramos (D-Queens).‘Right now discussions are around eligibility and access.’”

California recently tried a much smaller program promising $500 to certain workers, but it ran into problems when phone lines were overwhelmed. New York’s fund would provide as much as $27,300 to “excluded workers.” This amounts to an invitation to not just unemployed people, but unemployed illegal aliens and convicts, to come to New York State.

State Republicans are a near-irrelevant minority but even so, Politico reports, they have been silent on this egregious misuse of taxpayer funding. “They want this to pass with the most crazy terms possible so they can campaign on it,” a source who is familiar with their thinking told Politico. “They want to make this a political issue if it passes.”

Um, Republicans? Wake up. Crazy programs have a way of becoming deeply entrenched and irrevocable policies.


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