Oklahoma Dr. Jason McElyea Spreads Rumor that People Taking Ivermectin are Flooding Local Hospitals — Turns Out to Be Complete Lie But Fake News Ran with It Anyway

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There were reports earlier that Oklahoma emergency rooms were filling up with people overdosing on Ivermectin.

This comes after popular online entertainer Joe Rogan announced earlier in the week that he used Ivermectin and Z-Pacs to cure him of the coronavirus in three days.

UberFacts spread this fear porn.

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Instagram, famous for censoring conservative and patriotic content, reported this fear porn on their special “Instagram News” page.

But it was all fake news.
The doctor — Dr. Jason McElyea — who spread the news no longer works in the hospital and hasn’t been there for two months.

What a creep.

The media all ran with this fake news story. Anything to help Big Pharma.

Dr. McElyea is a liar.

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