Pelosi Is Only Allowing 200 People to Attend Biden Speech, Most Republicans Shunned – Don’t Want Loud Noises to Trigger Joe’s Dementia

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi only invited 200 individuals to Joe Biden’s speech to a limited joint session of Congress tonight.

The chamber holds 1,600 individuals.  Only 200 will be allowed in.  During the last sham impeachment of Donald Trump at least 300 individuals were allowed into the House chamber to vote to impeach President Trump.

This is an obvious attempt to protect Joe Biden who continues to slide into the dark night of dementia.

According to HHS Solutions loud noise can be frustrating, confusing, scary, and can even physically hurt a person with dementia.

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Democrats cannot take this risk.  They delayed the joint session by months to protect Joe Biden.  Now they have to cut the audience size to make sure Joe does not get flustered.

They would paint circles on the floor and invite 20 people if they thought they could get away with it.

It’s all a dog and pony show.

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