Pelosi Reiterates Pledge to Bottle Up Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

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Hours after announcing a deal on infrastructure with a bipartisan group of ten senators last Thursday, President Biden said he wouldn’t sign the bipartisan deal unless Congress also passed a partisan reconciliation bill that boosts social spending (potentially by trillions of dollars). On Saturday, Biden kindasorta walked back his threat. 


Earlier this week, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell demanded that Speaker Nancy Pelosi “de-link” the bipartisan deal and the partisan reconciliation bill, but Pelosi said at a press conference today that she’s not budging: 

Pelosi reiterates her position that House won’t take up bipartisan bill or reconciliation bill until Senate passes both

“The statement that I made, yes that is the statement I stand by”

— Sarah Ferris (@sarahnferris) June 30, 2021

Some moderate Democrats are asking Pelosi to take up the bipartisan bill (if it passes the Senate) as soon as possible.


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