Police Beat Antifa Terrorists with Batons Outside Wi Spa in Los Angeles, Declare Unlawful Assembly (VIDEO)

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Antifa terrorists got walloped by LAPD after the far-left terrorists showed up to ‘counter-protest’ outside of Wi Spa in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Recall, Wi Spa has been in the headlines recently for allowing biological males to expose themselves to women and underage girls in the women-only section of the spa.

Protesters on Saturday arrived outside the Korean spa, calling for women-only spaces – and Antifa showed up to defend the perverts and pedophiles who expose their penises to little girls under the guise of being a “pre-op transgender.”


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Police beat the hell out of Antifa with batons after the far-left terrorists threw smoke bombs and water bottles at the people protesting pedophiles and perverts at Wi Spa.


A different angle of an LAPD officer clubbing a member of Antifa for pulling down his mask and spitting in the faces of cops:

Antifa unsuccessfully launched a smoke bomb at the cops.


LAPD sent in a dozen more officers before declaring an unlawful assembly.


“An unlawful assembly was declared. Leave Wilshire and Rampart or be arrested. Immediately go Westbound Wilshire and disperse or you will be arrested. This is an unlawful assembly and the LAPD will arrest you if you do not leave the area immediately,” the LAPD said in an emergency alert on Saturday.

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