President Trump Endorses Kari Lake For Governor of Arizona – Radical Leftist Katie Hobbs: “ARIZONA ALERT”

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Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake has been endorsed by President Donald J. Trump.

Kari Lake is a walkaway career news anchor who left the media industry because she could not tolerate the lies that were being sold.

She is now running for governor of Arizona on a pro-life, pro-border wall, pro-election integrity platform to make Arizona great again.

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Lake has taken a strong stance on the 2020 fraudulent election and the Biden Regime, calling for indictments, decertification, and an audit of all 50 states.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has already filed a Litigation Hold Notice against Maricopa County, and the investigation is starting.

President Trump released a statement today to announce his endorsement.

Kari Lake is going to uphold the MAGA agenda and fight off the radical left.

Lake: Thank you, President Trump, for your endorsement. This means so much to me because I know how much you love America and how much the people of this country love you! I promise to fight as hard for the people of Arizona as you have fought for us.

Lake: Thank you, President Trump. Your endorsement is one of the greatest honors of my lifetime. Join our movement: DONATE at

Radical, far-leftist Secretary of State and Democritic Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs is losing her mind over this because she knows who her state really voted for.

Kari Lake will Drain The Arizona Swamp.

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