Questions Arising In Regards to Biden Sending Individuals Door-to-Door to Push Vaccines

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Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once and a while.  Karl Rove, no friend of President Trump and his supporters, may have actually found something.

Karl Rove, was Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff in the GW Bush Administration.  Since then he has been a talking head for FOX News.  He doesn’t have a very good record since President Trump came to DC and because of his remarks against the President, Rove has been the target of a few posts from President Trump.  The latest came in May this year.

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A bigger spanking came from President Trump in March.

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But even Karl Rove can get something right once and a while. 

This past week Rove raised the question about the individuals the government is paying to go door to door to encourage Americans to take the COVID vaccine.  We reported previously that this door-to-door exercise has already started in North Carolina.

The Goons are Loose: Biden’s Jab Patrol Spotted Going Door to Door; Now Offering Shots on the Spot (Video)

One question that Republicans should request an answer to is who is hiring these individuals to be going door to door and pushing the vaccine?  Is this operation led by Stacy Abrams like the hiring in the 2020 Election?  Abrams was behind the hiring of election ballot counters (i.e. producers) in numerous locations, including Fulton County.  This is one reason the results in Georgia were so terribly different from reality.  It really looked like Abrams hired anyone they could find who supported BLM to ‘count’ the election ballots.

But another question was raised by Karl Rove, believe it or not.  Rove asked on FOX News if these vaccine workers were also taking the opportunity to sign people up for the Democrat Party.

Rove shared:

If you’re in the White House and you’re attempting to solve this problem, do you really want to pollute it with a big draw-up of highly partisan and ideological groups rather than focusing on the mission at hand? Are these people around in, let’s say, Nebraska? Are these people around in let’s say Rhode Island?.. In fact, the list I’ve seen is virtually only states that are swing states, close states from the 2020 election. Somebody in the White House and somebody at the Department of Health and Human Services has to be held to account. Who’s making these decisions? Who’s allowing politics to enter into something that ought to be as far away from politics as possible?

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The focus behind getting Americans vaccinated with vaccines that can make you sick has never been seen before. COVID-19 was not a virus that impacted people below age 45 for the most part. School-age individuals were basically immune from COVID-19.  Why the push?

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