Reporter Confronts Psaki About “Shallow and Scripted” Meeting Joe Biden Had with Dead Marine’s Pregnant Widow (VIDEO)

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A reporter confronted White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday about Joe Biden’s “shallow and scripted” meeting with one of the dead Marine’s pregnant widow.

Joe Biden met the pregnant widow of one of the fallen Marines and it didn’t go well, according to the Washington Post.

Rylee McCollum

20-year-old Rylee McCollum was a Marine from Bodurant, Wyoming and only three weeks into his first deployment when he was killed in the Kabul blast.

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McCollum graduated high school two years ago and was three weeks away from becoming a father.

McCollum’s family left the room and refused to meet with Joe Biden.

Only McCollum’s pregnant wife Jiennah met with Joe Biden and the meeting barely lasted a couple minutes.

Jiennah McCollum said her meeting with Biden felt “scripted and shallow.”

Joe Biden spoke about his own dead son, Beau and described his military service and death from cancer.


Psaki was visibly annoyed when the reporter confronted her about Joe Biden’s shallow meeting and “total disregard” for the fallen service members.


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