Rob O’Neill on Afghan Debacle: We’ve Made the Decision to Be Weak Based on the Ballot Box or Whatever People Told Us Happened at the Ballot Box (VIDEO)

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Rob O’Neill, the retired Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden, joined Charles Payne on FOX News on Saturday morning to discuss the ongoing Biden debacle in Afghanistan.

O’Neill told Charles Payne the US veterans who fought in Afghanistan were baffled and outraged at what they are witnessing today.

As far as Joe Biden’s disastrous administration, O’Neill had this to say.

Rob O’Neill: What we got right now is we have a lot of politically woke leaders in charge and all they care about is their own political aspirations, their own futures. They don’t care about anyone else’s outlook. Think about the Afghans too, there’s horrible things taking place right now, you can’t even imagine what people can do to eachother and the Taliban is doing it right now because we’re weak. We’re weak and at least we know which bathroom everyone can use.

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Charles Payne: But Rob, we’ve made the decision to be weak. That’s where people are shocked, dismayed, and extraordinarily sad.

Rob O’Neill: Yeah, we’ve made the decision for sure. And we’ve done it at the voting box, the ballot box, or whatever someone told us happened at the ballot box.

So true.
Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have major consequences.

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