Satanic Rapper Lil Nas Gloats after Satan Shoe with Human Blood Sells Out in 20 Minutes

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Pure evil.
Lil Nas X teamed up with MSCHF to release a new athletic Nike shoe (Air Max 97 custom) dedicated to Satan complete with a pentagram and a drop of human blood in each shoe.

The shoe also contains the numbers 666 and comes in a limited edition of 666 pairs.

Nike has released a statement and denies their involvement with Lil Nas X. Nike said they did not collaborate on the production of the Satanic shoes by Lil Nas.

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Demons are real and they are around us.

Lil Nas later posted on Twitter what was called an “apology” but once you click on it the video shows him lap dancing on Satan.

On Monday Lil Nas gloated after selling out all 666 pairs in the first minute and deleted his tweet after.

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