SHEER IDIOCY: Kamala Harris Blames “Climate” for Historic Migrant Surge on the US Border — NOT Joe Biden’s Open Border Policies

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On Wednesday Kamala Harris announced she was planning a trip to Mexico and Central America to discuss the ongoing migrant crisis created by Joe Biden’s open border policies.

During her announcement, Harris lied and blamed “climate change” for the surge in migrants to the US border.

Of course, this was her latest ridiculous and purposely misleading statement.  No wonder she chuckled to herself as she announced her plans.

Everyone knows the US border is now wide open after Joe Biden ended ALL of President Trump’s border control policies on the same day he was inaugurated.

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On Thursday Stuart Varney called Kamala’s whopper an “argument of last resort – when you want to hide the truth drone on about climate.”

Of course, the fake news media never challenged Kamala on her latest nonsense.

Via Varney and Co.:

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