Taliban 2.0: ‘Special Forces’ Unit Patrolling Streets of Kabul Wear US Military Uniforms and Left Behind Body Armor

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Taliban fighters have come a long way from looking like armed goat farmers thanks to Joe Biden.

After successfully overthrowing the nation and gaining access to a multi-billion dollar cache of state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment, the Taliban has been able to arm and deploy their ‘special commando’ unit, which they call the “Badri 313.”

Now they are reportedly patrolling the streets of Kabul as the dictatorship’s shock troopers.

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Here is one of many examples of them causing chaos in the crowd at the Kabul airport:

The forces have ditched their traditional robes in favor of body armor and camouflage military fatigues. The turbans that are normally atop their heads and the AK-47 that they are known to carry have been replaced with night vision helmets and a much more lethal US M4 rifle.

Some of them even look as-if their socks were commissioned by Uncle Sam. They have been completely outfitted to the point that it is hard to distinguish them from other western combat forces.

They are also cruising around in brand-spankin’ new Armored Humvees that have a large caliber turret affixed to the top, for good measure.

Taliban 2.0 – Way to go Joe!

The equipment and weapons that they have acquired over the past month-plus have allowed the terrorist organization to gain control of the country for the first time since 2001. They have always been unwavering in their commitment to fight the west and impose their terror on helpless individuals, but their lack of equipment and organization had left them disadvantaged when challenging western forces.

In what’s surely one of the worst foreign policy decisions ever made, Biden’s withdrawal laid the groundwork for Communist China to come in and fund the Taliban’s efforts, while simultaneously arming the insurgents by giving them unimpeded access to weaponry that would finally make them a more formidable opponent.

US officials have no plan to get the equipment back either.

“I Don’t Have an Answer to That Question” – Pentagon When Asked if US Has Plans to Keep Weapons Out of Taliban’s Hands (VIDEO)

India’s Major General, GG Dwivedi, spoke with India Today about the terrorist group who he has dealt with extensively, calling them a “danger to the entire region,” especially now that the “highly ideological outfit” has been “equipped.”

As of right now, they have only been a danger to the people within Afghanistan. There have been many deaths reported and Taliban thugs have been issuing beatings on the streets seemingly at random. As many as 50,000 Afghans have been crowding the Kabul airport in a desperate attempt to flee as evacuation efforts continue.

Meanwhile, up to 40,000 American citizens are trapped in the country with no assistance from Biden or the State Department, who told US troops not to join British teams as they go into the city to rescue their citizens that are trapped behind Taliban checkpoints.

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The entire situation from the beginning has been a catastrophe.

Biden didn’t just decide to withdraw troops before bringing the civilians that were still on the ground home, he armed the attackers who would put them in danger.

And now, as he drags his feet again, he is abandoning them.

I’d say sleepy-Joe should resign, but sheesh.. What’s next in line may be even worse.

Trump won anyway, lets see those audit results!

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