TGP’s Jim Hoft DESTROYS MSM LIES Surrounding Vaccines, #MeToo, Election Audit On InfoWars (VIDEO)

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The Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft exposes lies propagandized by the mainstream media surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, mRNA injections, the #MeToo movement, the election audit and Joe Biden’s chronic habit of inappropriately touching women and children on Thursday’s edition of The Alex Jones Show.

“We have this nonsense these people continue to throw at us and hurl at us, including Dr. Fauci – this megalomaniac who is behind the creation of this vaccine,” Hoft told InfoWars host Owen Shroyer during the wide-ranging interview. “He is the producer of the coronavirus in the Wuhan lab. Yet, he’s the one that is trying to tell us how to deal with this. It’s absolutely insane.”

Fauci’s and the mainstream media’s insistent dismissal of medications that effectively treat COVID is murderous, Hoft argued.

“I have a feeling that this [pandemic] will not clear up until Dr. Fauci is gone. He should be prosecuted because what he’s done is committed mass murder by condemning hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which could have saved millions of lives,” he said. “We know those are effective means to treat this coronavirus and he prevented people from using it. It’s outrageous. Again, the media has lied about this continuously.”

Not only is the media jeopardizing lives with lies about covid vaccines and coronavirus treatment, Hoft continued, but the press is deliberately protecting Biden by ignoring the illegitimate president’s persistent and brazen harassment and molestation of women and children.

“It’s like Clinton 2.0. Isn’t it interesting that the #MeToo movement – I guess they gave up on that because everyone they were catching were Democrats,” he said. “They kept knocking all these Democrats off these platforms. It was never about the women. It was never about harassment. It was about how they could punish Trump, which didn’t work.

“Joe Biden boxing in this woman last night and holding her captive at the baseball game. He can’t help it. They don’t care. If they did care, we would be seeing more about it. It explains a lot about his son and his strange behavior – ultra strange that he can have orgies with so many people around the world.”

If the perpetrators of the fraudulent 2020 election, who fabricated tens of thousands of phony votes, are not investigated, America as we know it will collapse, Hoft surmised.

“This doesn’t get any press: 82,000 of these ballots [audited] in Maricopa county, they looked these people up they couldn’t find their social security numbers, addresses – they couldn’t find anything,” he said. “They need to investigate this or Democrats will continue to get away with this election cycle and election cycle. This really is the end of our country if we can’t fix these elections. We believe there is enough there for charges to be filed and that they need to look further at some of these ballots. If they actually did canvassing in this state, they would find that these aren’t real ballots, these aren’t real people. It could be up to the hundreds of thousands at this point.”

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